My goal is to provide each and every student with the very best learning experience which will in turn lead to safer driving on the road. My goal is to make all students feel comfortable and confident while taking lessons leading to confident open road users. I truly am passionate about teaching all of my students how to be confident and safe drivers for life. As a fully qualified female instructor, I also have a special interest with working with high anxiety learners.

I currently only cover the Brisbane Southside and Logan area. I have set the business up this way as I wanted to ensure that all my students were assured they would always have only myself teaching lessons thus offering a far more personal service. This enables me to understand my students abilities and weakness accurately and thus builds the students confidence due to the regularity of the lessons. It also builds an easier basis for two way feedback. With my personalised service, my aim is for students to learn more from each and every lesson, therefore you can learn to drive in fewer lessons and thus save on costs. I do however ensure that students will learn defensive driving techniques that will reduce odds of having an accident and allows for safer driving.

Passing your test should be easy as long as you are prepared. I will set a goal date for your test and work towards that date with you. Along the way there will be practice tests and test route preparation. Remember, safe drivers pass.

My Guarantee – If you do not succeed in obtaining your driver’s licence, I will offer you a free driving lesson before you take your second attempt. (This offer is only valid for two attempts and must be taken up within 30days)

Part of my lessons is also safe driving skills. This entails making students focus on how to respond during hazards on the road, avoid collisions and other essential driving techniques and skills during our driving lesson. I will train new driving learners to master various basic controls of steering skills, three point turn, reverse parking, observational checks and safe following distance. I teach in real traffic so I can give them clear view on how to respond to hazards on the road and how to avoid various collisions.

The best time to engage a professional driver trainer is as soon as you obtain your learners licence, this will get you started with a foundation of excellent skills. I offer a progressive drive program that allows a beginner to achieve competence in car control and procedures without the danger of dealing with heavy traffic. The focus will be on achieving competence in foundation skills. We will then progress to higher traffic flow and advancing the students skills. Of course all students come to Accredited Driving Lessons with varying experience and skill levels. It is my job to assess your individual driving skill level and create a plan to get you to test standard. I also cater for students just needing a refresher and/or reassurance prior to test day.